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Thava Kumar Narayanasamy - Absco Pool Pump Cover 1.52m x 1.52m

Name : Thava Kumar Narayanasamy
Location : Parkwood, Western Australia

I was looking at building an astronomy observatory in my back yard for a while to house my astro imaging telescope system. I had a tough time to find an economical solution as most of the professional observatories were in the above $5000 range.

One day while sharing my plan with a friend, he suggested exploring the possibility of using a Pool Pump Cover / Shed and I found your web site and by chance the dimensions were just right. I purchased it and it worked superb as I was able to store my telescope safely when not in use and in just 5 minutes my telescope is ready to shoot astro images in the nights.

It saved me a lot of setup time for imaging and help me fine tune the whole systems accuracy. I have also uploaded some images of my first light images with this observatory you have supplied me.

Thank you for this great shed that works well as an Astronomical observatory. I am very sure many armature astronomers will find the similar use for such sheds in future as I share with them my experience.

Thank you & Cheers!

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