Brendan Sawczuk - Absco Regent 1.52m x 1.44m Shed

Name : Brendan Sawczuk
Location : flinders, New South Wales
When looking for a covering, for the pump that runs our pool, an Absco Regent garden shed, Was the perfect stylish tool. Our aussie shed, it looked so good, A real force to be reckoned, So we got onto the Cheap Sheds team, And ordered (more)

Shawn Toghill - Cheap Shed 2.45m x 2.8m Shed

Name : Shawn Toghill
Location : Montagu Bay, Tasmania
Thank God for our shed. The package arrived and we didn't believe that it contained a shed - it was tiny. My son and I spent a couple of hours constructing the shed with only 1 argument - thanks to the comprehensive instructions. Our (more)

Amanda Cole -Cheap Shed 1.52m x 0.78m Shed

Name : Amanda Cole
Location : South Brisbane, Queensland
We just love our shed!! Living in a small apartment, it gives us all the extra storage space we need. One of its more important purposes, perhaps not what it was designed for, is holding our fence up!! Also, we were lucky enough to (more)

Pat Laird - Absco Aviary 2.26m x 1.48m

Name : Pat Laird
Location : Killara, New South Wales
I love my shed/aviary because since I purchased it I have been able to be an active member of Sydney Wildlife. I rescue native animals and rehabilitate them so they can be released back into the wild. Since March when I bought the (more)

Glen Xuereb - Absco Regent 1.52m x 1.44m Shed

Name : Glen Xuereb
Location : Derrimut, Victoria
I am a Motor Mechanic by trade and as a mechanic does I fix a few cars at home. Every time I needed to go to the toilet I had to go inside the house. My wife kept getting frustrated with me leaving foot prints and grease marks in the (more)

Yvette Bowyer - Small and compact

Name : Yvette Bowyer
Location : East Fremantle, Western Australia
Type of Shed : Small and compact
After 2 years renovations.. our big shed.. ended up being small and compact. My husband's dreams of a Man Cave wasn't quite what he expected.

Thava Kumar Narayanasamy - Absco Pool Pump Cover 1.52m x 1.52m

Name : Thava Kumar Narayanasamy
Location : Parkwood, Western Australia
I was looking at building an astronomy observatory in my back yard for a while to house my astro imaging telescope system. I had a tough time to find an economical solution as most of the professional observatories were in the above (more)

Luanne Simmons - The Goddess Shed

Name : Luanne Simmons
Location : Pearcedale, Victoria
Type of Shed : The Goddess Shed
The Goddess Shed was built for me by my husband for my business. Each month Iwomen gather in the Goddess Shed to attend the monthly Gorgeous Goddess Gathering. The Goddess Shed is like no other shed in Australia, here is what some (more)

Gavin Wadsworth - Cheap Shed 3m x 2.26m Shed

Name : Gavin Wadsworth
Location : Cessnock, New South Wales
Hi guys, After a few months of comparing sheds with compeditors the shed I wanted came on sale with cheapsheds. I had never bought anything like this online before and was a little hesident at first, but the entire process was a breeze. After (more)

Stephen Hibbit - Spanbilt Yardsaver 2.45m x 2.8m Shed

Name : Stephen Hibbit
Location : Tumby Bay, South Australia
Searched everywhere for right size and right price, eventually found what I was looking for. I have absolutely no idea when it comes to be a handyman so I got a mate to help me and I was his diligent apprentice. However, the instructions (more)

Leanne Burton - Duramax 2.39m x 1.6m Vinyl Shed

Name : Leanne Burton
Location : Carindale, Queensland
In marriage my husband and I share many things. We share our house, our cars, the parenting and nurturing of our children, the roles and other responsibilities which comes with running a household, the king-sized bed in our bedroom (more)

Ricky Renyard - Absco Workshop 6m x 3m Shed

Name : Ricky Renyard
Location : Kingaroy, Queensland
I am absolutely thrilled with my Asco Shed it is everything i wanted plus more. It is such a nice looking shed that it is now the stand out feature of the back yard. We moved from Cooloola Cove Qld to Kingaroy Qld and didnt have any (more)

Scott Price - Cheap Shed 3m x 1.52m Shed

Name : Scott Price
Location : Birkdale, Queensland
I sit here writing my story today as the proud owner of a Aussie Shed!!! Having just built a brand new home, there are certain items that need to be ticked off - the shed is clearly one of those! You will see my story develop through (more)

Annette Welsford - Greg's Man cave

Name : Annette Welsford
Location : Cornubia, Queensland
Type of Shed : Greg's Man cave
If there ever was a man cave of all man caves this one would be it! ‘Gregs Man Cave” has all the right things for a man to feel right at home. He has his model airplanes neatly displayed on the walls, a work bench with (more)

Alana Drake - Absco Aviary 1.52m x 1.48m

Name : Alana Drake
Location : Ormeau, Queensland
We love our Aussie Sheds Aviaries & so do our birds!! We purchased our first aviary from Cheap Sheds in 2010, just two weeks before our wedding. We were pleasantly surprised when an early wedding present arrived one week before (more)

Mark Hortle - Absco Highlander 6m x 3m Shed

Name : Mark Hortle
Location : Wodonga, Victoria
Hi Kriztian, My 6x3 Colourbond Shed is absolutely the best Shed. It has the blood sweat and tears that make a shed a shed. When I put this shed together with my partner it was easy. It looked fantastic when it was all finished. We (more)

Anna Irvine - Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

Name : Anna Irvine
Location : Doubleview, Western Australia
My partner spent all last week building the paver foundation and putting our shed together. It looks awesome! It's exactly what we were after. The updates throughout and overall service was excellent and i would definately recommend (more)

Mark Valencia - Absco Aviary 3m x 2.22m

Name : Mark Valencia
Location : Bellmere, Queensland
I purchased my Absco shed from no other than "Cheap Sheds" because I was looking for a better place to house my growing backyard chicken flock. Purpose built chicken coops are often small, fragile, and low quality timber structures, (more)

Lou Stanley - Suncast 1.39m x 0.94m Resin Shed and Yardmate 1.73m x 0.955m Vinyl Shed

Name : Lou Stanley
Location : Highgate Hill, New South Wales
We live in an old Queenslander and needed a laundry for our front loader and dryer. They were sitting on the concrete slab under the house and looked sad as well as ugly. Bingo the Suncast shed gave us a very cheap and neat solution. (more)

Dewi Smith - Keter 0.70m x 0.50m Utility Rattan Cabinet

Name : Dewi Smith
Location : Tanawha, Queensland
Our previous home had a 2.5 bay farm shed however our current home has a large loft shed but it is always full of my husband's stuff (not my things!). Finally a few months ago, I decided that I deserved a shed to call my own. After (more)

Selina Tour - Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

Name : Selina Tour
Location : Narre Warren South, Victoria
"There is no way you can help me put up a shed, and I cant do it myself" my partner laughed with his stubby in hand. Okay, I may be 5'1" and 60kgs but damn it I was determined to prove him wrong. I reserched online and visited just (more)

Greg Heinl - Big old shed

Name : Greg Heinl
Location : Chevallum, Queensland
Type of Shed : Big old shed
Oh how I love my big shed I dream of it all the time Nice and clean and oh so organised Benches shelves and storage space abound Tool sand screws all have a home But when i roll up the doors Reality kicks - boy what a mess Filled (more)

Tammy Woolley - Cheap Shed 2.45m x 2.8m Shed

Name : Tammy Woolley
Location : McLaren Flat, South Australia
Our shed has returned our humble back yard to us! It has provided a storage facility for all the accumulated toys that were once scattered around the yard, the tools that lined the walls of our garage (we can open the car doors now) (more)

Lynne Schrader - 5m x 3m Shed

Name : Lynne Schrader
Location : Goonellabah, New South Wales
Type of Shed : 5m x 3m
We have had our shed for almost 15 years and it is time to be replaced with a Cheap Shed Shed.It holds stacks of stuff but we have had a couple of trips to the dump and dont need one as large as our old one now. I have been eyeing (more)

Fran Grant - Absco Aviary 1.52m x 0.78m

Name : Fran Grant
Location : Werrington, New South Wales
Recently I purchased 2 of the above aviaries to house some of my reptiles. My 8.5ft diamond python, Dorothy will be moving into one of them. The other one will be used as a day cage in the Summer months for my frilled lizards. I had (more)

Peter Bracken - Absco Aviary 2.26m x 1.48m

Name : Peter Bracken
Location : Kellyville, New South Wales
My aviary is a homed away from home. It has become my sanctuary where I can escape my problems and my family who can sometimes become overwhelming. It has allowed my to house my own family of budgies and through its easy instructions (more)

Natalie G - Spanbilt Yardsaver 1.76m x 1.41m Shed

Name : Natalie G
Location : Brendale, Queensland
I like my garden shed because I could assemble it myself. I dug out the ground myself with a mattock (groundworks pic) and then my partner helped me pave the foundation (pavers pic).  I can honestly say that I didn't have any (more)

Richard Harrington - Cedar Shed - Cheap Shed - Old Shed

Name : Richard Harrington
Location : Chermside, Queensland
Type of Shed : Cedar Shed
My now wife and I bought my grandfather's house 3 years ago now. He was always a gardener and I also loved time "out the back". This passion has now expanded his single tool shed into what I like to call the tri-shed area. With many (more)

David Carnovale - Spanbilt YardSaver 1.76m x 1.07m Shed

Name : David Carnovale
Location : Mullumbimby, New South Wales
Searching the net I discovered easily had the best deals on all types of sheds. I got a free upgrade to Colourbond which was incredible value! After laying the slab, assembly was a breeze - only took a couple of hours (more)

Ben Irwin - Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

Name : Ben Irwin
Location : Yetholme, New South Wales
To my wife and I, our shed is more then just a shed. In April 2012 we were preparing to move into our new house but we had no where to keep all my man stuff. We couldn't afford a big fancy shed, but Cheap Sheds came to the rescue. The (more)

Kathy Drew - Cheap Sheds 2.26m x 0.78m Shed

Name : Kathy Drew
Location : bell park, Victoria
Hi, I love my slimline shed as it fits right under the eaves at the back of my house, which just happens to be in the pergola. It is stylish and the colour is great. It doesn't take up a great deal of room but holds heaps of stuff (more)

David Johnson - Cheap Shed 2.26m x 0.78m Sheds (2)

Name : David Johnson
Location : woy woy, New South Wales
We love our Aussie Shed's. I laid a timber deck for the sheds to sit on as my wife assembles the shed because it was that easy to read the instuctions, but to put a twist to the sheds we joined the two together, instead (more)

Leanne Cram - Absco Aviary 2.26m x 1.48m

Name : Leanne Cram
Location : Wynn Vale, South Australia
I needed to upgrade my existing aviary as it was rather old and needed repairing, so after a lot of searching, I discovered CheapSheds. They were amazing and in no time, the new aviary arrived. We rallied together a couple of family (more)

Frank Togiatama - Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

Name : Frank Togiatama
Location : Wynnum West, Queensland
Hey guys, thanks for a great shed. This was a real family effort and took us most of the day. My wife declined to have her photo submitted and there were none of my son but it's okay to have me and our daughter, Lihia. She took the (more)

Kelly Garske - Absco Regent 1.52m x 1.44m Shed

Name : Kelly Garske
Location : Moss Vale, New South Wales
Needed a storage shed for our expanding home based catering business. I resisted for a couple of years, I kept imaging a boring, metallic shed and did not want this in my garden. After some convincing from hubby (chef) I did some research. (more)

David Gent - Durabuilt EasyShed 4.5m x 3m Shed

Name : David Gent
Location : Caloundra, Queensland
Thanks to our new shed everybodys happy, Dave has a new home for all his "Toys" sorry tools, also room for the garden tools, we have a table & chairs out front for the workers. Our new shed gives us everything we want & more (more)

Patrick McMaster - Cheap Shed 1.52m x 0.78m Shed

Name : Patrick McMaster
Location : Kenmore, Queensland
My shed from Cheapsheds in August 2012 was a most valuable purchase; I had a rear walkway that was a mess: 20 nails along the wall held mops, brooms, brushes, dust pans, pool skimmer, gardening tools, hats, etc. etc. This was also (more)

Eugene Hobbs - Cheap Shed 2.26m x 0.78m Sheds

Name : Eugene Hobbs
Location : Point Cook, Victoria
We had just moved into a retirement village and wanted a place to store the tools. This shed was the largest available to fit the limited space. I was fortunate to get some left over panel from the pergola installers to fit on the (more)

Ron Czisz - Absco Utility 3m x 6m Shed

Name : Ron Czisz
Location : Fernmount, New South Wales
We built our dream pole home on our rainforest site near Bellingen NSW. It was soon apparent that a shed would be required, but it would need to be a 'pole shed'. We loved the price and design of the steel sheds on the Cheapsheds website. (more)

Kathy Sundstrom - Absco Premier 3m x 1.52m Shed

Name : Kathy Sundstrom
Location : Coolum Beach, Queensland
I begged my husband to buy a shed to clear out all his junk from the house, but I didn't realise it might have other uses. My 10-year-old son, Samuel shares his bedroom with his brother Tom. Let's just say, he hates it and has been (more)

Bruce Francais - Absco Premier 3m x 3m Shed

Name : Bruce Francais
Location : Katherine, Nothern Territory
I purchased this shed off ebay and had it sent to my home in the NORTHERN TERRITORY not the ACT. It would not let me select otherwise in the dropbox. When the shed arrived they would not release it until i gave them an extra $60! my (more)

Joshua Radloff - Absco Regent 3m x 3.66m Shed

Name : Joshua Radloff
Location : Gladstone, Queensland
For starters the shed was EASY to erect! But once erected really proved its worth. Since we moved to our new house an entire bedroom was known as my shed, full of tools, eskies, fishing gear...the list goes on! My poor wife has had (more)

Graeme Charlwood - Spanbilt Yardsaver 2.1m x 2.8m Shed

Name : Graeme Charlwood
Location : Quinns Rocks, Western Australia
Cheap Sheds had a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. I was able to find a shed that suited my needs and fitted in the limited space I had available. The colour range was also an attraction and I found a colour that blended (more)

Cengiz Gulbahce - Cheap Shed 3m x 3m Shed

Name : Cengiz Gulbahce
Location : LIDCOMBE, New South Wales
When saw your your advertising of this shed online I liked the quality and the price was right. I bought it straight ahead online and recommended to other people. I had installed the shed already and because of the easy instructions (more)

Margaret and Pete Young - Durabuilt EasyShed 3m x 3m Shed

Name : Margaret Young
Location : Camp Hill, Queensland
Pete’s had his shed only a few months. It’s just a simple shed – 3x3 with no extras. But our shed adventures! The buying it adventure. Researched and ordered online in evening time. The satisfaction of a good deal. (more)

Jane Davies - Absco Aviary 1.52m x 0.78m

Name : Jane Davies
Location : North Fremantle, Western Australia
I thought I was doing well - my shed arrived, my weeros were excited and I had organised a handyman to come and put it together - until he arrived - pored over the plan sheet - shook his head wisely and said "that's a 2 man job - at (more)

Chris Share - Absco Regent 2.26m x 1.44m Shed

Name : Chris Share
Location : Carnegie, Victoria
We built a garden shed for my Dad, as part of a project to give him an interest, as he's been a bit lonely since my mother passed away at Easter and his little sausage dog, Lucy also passed away recently. Lucy is buried under a rose (more)

Jakes Jacobs - Spanbilt Yardsaver 2.1m x 2.1m Shed

Name : Jakes Jacobs
Location : Athelstone, South Australia
Now I don't have to rummage through boxes to find my tools. Everything is in its place. With kids at school I always have to help building their projects. Now I can build anything from a spewing volcano to a doll house right here in (more)

Dita Hunt - Spanbilt Yardsaver 1.4m x 0.7m Shed

Name : Dita Hunt
Location : Moruya Heads, New South Wales
I love this shed for several reasons: - it fits perfectly into the space at the end of the back verandah of our new house at Moruya Heads. - My clever husband (pictured) found it easy to assemble and as you can see by the photos, we (more)

Phil Britton - Spanbuilt 6x9 Triple Garage

Name : Phil Britton
Location : George Town, Tasmania
I love my shed because it's going to be more than three times the size of what I currently have to work with, my shed is my second home, but at present there is no room to move in the old one so I can't wait for the new one to be put (more)

Dave Fox - Spanbilt YardPro 2.6m x 4.4m Workshop Shed

Name : Dave Fox
Location : Poet Kennedy, Western Australia
Hi, Love my shed especially the height for a back yard shed 2.4 mtrs. I have a 16 year old blind and deaf Shetland sheep dog and whenever I open the shed door he wanders in to help. He lies at the work front getting covered in saw (more)

Lauren Moule - Absco Utility 3m x 6m Shed

Name : Lauren Moule
Location : Mortdale, New South Wales
Put it up with 3 people in one weekend. Love my new "Woman Shed". Got plenty of space for everything I want.

Heidi McLachlan - Steel gable roof shed

Name : Heidi McLachlan
Location : Nerang, Queensland
Type of Shed : Steel gable roof shed
Hi there Cheap Sheds, Our shed is not a man cave but a cat cave! One would think that our shed was to store items such as a lawn mower, tools and other various but no, it is purely for out cat's entertainment (so they think). We (more)

Renee Brack - Spanbilt Yardsaver 1.41m x 0.72m Shed

Name : Renee Brack
Location : redfern, New South Wales
Finding the right shed doesn't have to be Secret Men's Business. It was a tough call to create storage in a three bedroom apartment on the second floor of a building in inner Sydney. There was a small irregular-shaped space on the (more)

John-Paul Murphy - Absco 5.5m x 5.5m Skillion Carport

Name : John-Paul Murphy
Location : greenethorpe, New South Wales
Built a house 3 years ago and had nowhere to put our cars out of the weather, had a look on ebay and found a double carport that we kept out eye on for over a year. Once we had the money we bought it (great service by cheapsheds) Had (more)

Mark Williams - Durabuilt EasyShed 3.75m x 1.9m Shed and Pool Pump Cover

Name : Mark Williams
Location : Aberglasslyn, New South Wales
We needed an awesome shed to keep all of out gardening tools in.. when it was built a huge storm hit, and I was super worried as I'd forgotten to anchor the shed down... But in the morning the solidly built shed (built by me) (more)

Cassandra Ko - Spanbilt Yardsaver 2.8m x 2.8m Shed

Name : Cassandra Ko
Location : Epping, Victoria
I am a 2nd year nursing student from a local university. As a student, it is wise to keep my life mobile and simple. I was living in a unit close to the campus before I decided to move closer to the hospital where I am going to do (more)

Kaye Petterson - Absco Aviary 2.26m x 1.48m

Name : Kaye Petterson
Location : Australind, Western Australia
The seven canaries living in a moderate sized cage managed to multiply rather rapidly, so a bigger home was needed. This was achieved with an Absco avairy, and some patience on the side of mother and son. It seems the new home encouraged (more)

Mohd Azli Zahari - Absco Economy 1.52m x 3m Shed

Name : Mohd Azli Zahari
Location : Wellard, Western Australia
Bought this because of the size. The only one I can find that fit my requirement - flat roof (~1.8m) and fit into my narrow side of the house. The ONLINE chat was very helpful in confirming my requirement. Considering that I am in (more)

David Hoenig - Absco Regent 1.52m x 1.44m Shed

Name : David Hoenig
Location : NORTH BONDI, New South Wales
I was given an ultimation by my wife and daughter to clean up the back yard, find a place for the pool chemicals equipment and garden tools as it was dangerious for the grandchildren. As I had no room for a shed i had to demolish part (more)

Rodney Prouse - Absco 5.6m x 5.5m Double Garage

Name : Rodney Prouse
Location : Maryland, New South Wales
Hi I purchased a Absco double garage and my boys helped me put it up making it a family shed as every man needs his shed. It was a pleasure to install with easy step by step instructions. My sons have pulled their motor bike apart (more)

Judy Elferkh - Absco Aviary 3m x 1.48m

Name : Judy Elferkh
Location : Richardson, Australian Capital Territory
Hi Guys. Life has been a little up and down lately. We moved to our new address recently. We had to wait almost 3 months for settlement. My birds had to be looked after at someones else's house. I bought one of your aviaries online (more)

Linda Gricks - Durabuilt EasyShed 3m x 0.75m Shed

Name : Linda Gricks
Location : Mitchell Park, South Australia
We needed some garden storage space but have a small back yard. After building a pergola we wanted to make it weatherproof - so as well as blinds, we bought a shed from to form one boundry of the pergola. We filled (more)

Rowan Mumford - Absco Premier 3m x 1.52m Shed

Name : Rowan Mumford
Location : North Lakes, Queensland
My Story with a Happy ending I started a new job and had to move for it, we moved from a rental where we had an abundance of storage and rent was really affordable as well, We moved into a place in North Lakes, North Brisbane which (more)

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